Smoke Alarms

Only working smoke alarms save lives. Did you know that while you are asleep you are unlikely to smell smoke? A working smoke alarm is vital to making sure you will wake up in the event of a fire.

  • CFA, together with MFB and Duracell recommends:
  • Using long-lasting 9V alkaline batteries in your smoke alarm - by doing this you ensure year-round protection
  • Using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to dust around the smoke alarm
  • Installing photo-electric smoke alarms rather than ionisation smoke alarms where possible
  • Test smoke alarms once a month using a broom handle - the alarm should produce a beeping sound when the test button is pressed
  • Replacing all smoke alarms (both battery powered and 240v hard-wired) after ten years (the year of manufacture is displayed on the alarm)

Purchasing smoke alarms that meet Australian Standards. Look for the AS3786 marking.  For more information, visit or the CFA website.