Previous Captains

1st Lietenant Gerard Peeters                                    2014 -
1st Lieutenant Alex Todd   2004-2014
1st Lieutenant Trevor Wise   2003-2004
1st Lieutenant Michael McLinden   2002-2003
1st Lieutenant Des Milbourne   1992-2002
Foreman Des Milbourne   1992-1992
Foreman S. Madsen   1990-1992
Foreman C. Grant   1988-1990
Foreman Des Seymour   1986-1988
Foreman J. McEachern   1976-1986
In 1976 the Wodonga Urban Fire Brigade became an integrated brigade and the role of Captain was replaced by the Foreman, then by the 1st Lieutenant.
J. Begley   1973 to 1976
Peter Turton   1969 to 1973
Following his fathers and grandfathers footsteps, Peter officially joined the Wodonga fire brigade aged 17 although he accompanied his father to the station at the age of five. He remained a member for 26 years and held the posts of foreman, lieutenant and captain.
J. Harrison   1967 to 1969
Don John McEachern   1961 to 1967
Don’s association with the brigade spans 62 years. It started 1931 just months after he left school as a 16-year-old. Don served as a reserve until 1935 when he went to Melbourne to work in the paper mills on the banks of the Yarra River and later transferred to Maryvale at Traralgon. He served more than four years with the Maryvale industrial brigade and the Traralgon town brigade before returning to Wodonga in 1946. Apart from serving as Wodonga’s Captain and Secretary, he also served on the Victorian Urban Fire Brigades Association executive committee from 1963 to 1980 and on its regional council from 1963 to 1988. He was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 1990 for community service.
Allan Eli Jonathon Turton MBE JP   1937 to 1961
The name Turton has a long association with Wodonga’s fire brigade. It first appeared on the honour board in 1896 when Abel, Allans father held the post of lieutenant. Allan also served as Lieutenant (1924-1925) and Secretary (1926-1936) before retiring after 40 years of service in 1964. He is one of the Brigades Life Members.
Jack P. Jennings   1913 to 1936
Jacks term as Captain was interrupted in 1924 when an internal grievance caused the disbanding of the Brigade for 15 days. Details are sketchy, but it appears that six members were unhappy with the way the brigade was being administered by the Country Fire Brigades Board. The firemen had asked for the reinstatement of station Foreman Henry Buntz, and when that was refused they claimed they had no choice but to resign enmass. It was decided after the long and heated meeting that there was no hope of the brigade, as it was then constituted, working together in a united fashion and it was disbanded on September 9. Captain Jack Jennings managed to successfully reform the Wodonga Urban Fire Brigade 15 days later.
W. Twomey   1908 to 1912
Edwin John Taylor   1904 to 1908
J. Mylon   ?? to 1904
A. Horsfall   1900 to ??
Daniel Todd   1899 to 1900
A local cab driver who served for a short time before he resigned.
Edwin John Taylor   1893 to 1899
The first Captain of the Wodonga Fire Brigade. He was a boot maker from Ballarat.