Operational & Support Equipment

Breathing Apparatus

Breathing Apparatus

Breathing Apparatus is used by fire-fighters to allow them to work in a toxic or oxygen depleted environment. It is mainly used for house fires, factory and car fires where toxic gases and smoke are present.

Fully Encapsulated Gas Suit

Fully Encapsulated Gas Suit

Fully encapsulated gas suits may be used in conjunction with Breathing Apparatus in any potentially hazardous environment such as a chemical spill; or hazardous materials incident. The gas suit protects fire-fighters from exposure to hazardous materials while they work.

Gas Detector

This device is used to measure the levels of concentration of flammable gasses as well as oxygen levels, carbon monoxide levels, volatile organic compounds and hydrogen sulphide (a gas with the characteristic foul odour of rotten eggs) in the atmosphere. It assists the fire-fighters in determining the potential explosive danger in an area.

Air Viva & Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

The Air Viva is a 1st aide resuscitation tool used to provide mechanical ventilation to patients in need of life support until the arrival of a paramedic or the ambulance service.

The current AED model approved for use in CFA is the Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator. The FRx SMART Analysis automatically assesses the victim’s heart rhythm and is designed not to deliver therapy unless the rhythm is determined to be shockable – even if the Shock button is pressed.

The HeartStart FRx guides you through every step with clear, calm voice commands and descriptive visual icons. The FRx even reminds you to call emergency medical services, and HeartStart CPR Coaching can be activated at the press of a button for assistance with CPR. The flashing icons and the quick reference guide can be used to lead you through the defibrillation steps – even in situations where hearing voice instructions is a challenge.

Breathing Apparatus TrailerBreathing Apparatus TrailerBreathing Apparatus Trailer

The BA Trailer is fully self-contained and is used at the station and at incidents to refil BA air cylinders as required. It can fill up to three cylinders at once.

Quick Fill TrailerQuick Fill Trailer

Carries a pump and suction hose in order to draught water from a creek, pool or dam. Often used to refill fire trucks at large wildfires where there are no reticulated water supplies. It is powered by a Volkswagon petrol engine.

Kids Fire TruckKids Fire TruckKids Fire Truck

While not operation equipment, it is used at community and promotional events to entertain the kiddies. It features a working siren, flashing lights and a rechargable battery.