Brigade Team

The Brigade is managed by a team of elected officers and appointed staff. Brigade officers serve for a nominal period of two years after which their positions come up for re-election at the Brigade's Annual General Meeting. Each officer takes on the responsibilities defined for their role along with some additional responsibilities suited to their personal skills and knowledge.

The Brigade's currently elected officials are:


  • Officer in Charge - Ash Mills

  • assets/Uploads/_resampled/SetWidth150-Chairman-Des-Milbourne.JPG

    Chairman ex Lieutenant HLM Des Milbourne

  • assets/Uploads/_resampled/SetWidth150-LT-Gerard-Peeters-sml.jpg

    1st Lieutenant Gerard Peeters

  • assets/Uploads/_resampled/SetWidth150-LT-Rowan-Montoneri-sml.jpg

    2nd Lieutenant Rowan Montoneri

  • assets/Uploads/_resampled/SetWidth150-SetWidth150-unknown.jpg

    3rd Lieutenant - Travis Nolte

  • assets/Uploads/_resampled/SetWidth150-unknown.jpg

    4th Lieutenant - Locky Nicholsen

  • Secretary - Steve Hopper

  • Treasurer - Kate Crellin