Life Members of the Wodonga Fire Brigade
star icon P.J. Maloney * star icon J.S. Hore * star icon A.E.J. Turton MBE JP *
star icon P. Flower * star icon S.L. Wolfe * star icon D.McEachern OAM *
star icon J. Bullock * star icon C. Hore star icon T. Birkett
star icon F.Fullford * star icon J. McEachern star icon J. Harrison *
star icon R. Boland star icon N. Frichot star icon D. Milbourne
star icon A. Phillips star icon J. Begley star icon C. Pollard
* Indicates deceased    
Captain E.J. Taylor Award for Champion Fire Fighter
2002 David Walmsley 2003 Peter Miller 2004 Phillip Mason
2005 David Langshaw 2006 Gerard Peeters 2007 Alex Todd
2008 Neville Frichot 2009 Alan Arthur 2010 Gerard Peeters
2011 David Langshaw / Alan Arthur 2012 Matthew Richards  
HLM John Bullock Award for Most Improved Fire Fighter
2003 Phillip Mason 2004 Clay Mason 2005 Gerard Peeters
2006 John Osmond 2007 Trevor Moyle 2008 Emma Rolfe
2009 Amanda Sceriha / David Langshaw 2010 Kirsten Arthur 2011 Samual Newley
2012 Rod Russell    
HLM Tom Birkitt Shield for Work around the station
2003 Tony Phillips 2004 Cheryl Cole-Peeters 2005 Mark Briggs
2006 Tony Phillips 2007 David Langshaw 2008 Des Milbourne
2009 Des Milbourne 2010 Emma Rolfe 2011 Gerard Peeters
2012 Des Milbourne    
HLM D.J. Milbourne Shield for Recruit of the year
2011 Louise Trickett 2012 Jackie Wyatt  
Australian Medal Recipients
Donald John McEachern 16 October 1983 National Medal with first, second and third clasp
  9 June 1990 Order of Australia Medal (for community service)
Jeffrey Robert Borland 30 October 1991 Commendation for Brave Conduct
(Attempted rescue of family from burning house at Wodonga)
Desmond James Milbourne 26 October 1988 National Medal
  6 June 1997 National Medal First and Second Clasp
Leslie Charles Boyes 1 January 2001 Centenary Medal
Kenneth James Stephens 26 January 2002 Australian Fire Service Medal
Jeffrey Neil McEachern 11 December 1985 National Medal
  3 August 1996 National Medal First Clasp
  26 November 1998 National Medal Second Clasp